Get Started Utility Cycling

commuters    The number of people utility cycling is growing everyday. Especially with the rising gas prices and price of transportation only going up. If you want to commute to work and all your social gatherings you need to get the right gear and I am here to get you started into your life of cycling. You will need a bike, a helmet, and some great biking apparel.

The Bike

When you are looking for a bike, it needs to fit a couple of specifications. It first of all must be the right size for you and you can find what size you need at your local bike shop. If you need to travel across large hills to commute to your work you will want to have a bike with multiple gears. If you live on relatively flat land and you want to keep things simple it may be best to stick with just a single gear bike. Utility cycling is such a broad range of thing you must decide on all the small details to make the bike fit you perfectly. On you your bike you will want a chain guard, because if you are commuting to work or a social event you don’t want to consistently have a whole in your bottom right pant leg. You should also have fenders on your tires as to not spit up mud on you during a rainy ride. Those are the basic needs for utility cycling and just to give you an idea of a great bike I like the Trek Belleville.Trek Belleville

The Helmet

A helmet is a must have for any kind of cycling, but especially if you live in a large city. A helmet is a helmet so what you need for commuting is something that will fit well and look great. Along with the helmet you should adopt some hairstyles that can endure a bike ride underneath a helmet. A couple of cool looking helmets I have found are the Bontrager Convert or the Specialized Street Smart.

Bontrager Convert, helmet, commuting

The Apparel 

     In utility cycling you want to be comfortable as well as look great. If you have a long ride to work you may want to look into getting padded cycling shorts to soften the saddle for you. Depending on where you live if it rains often when you cycle you will definitely need a rain poncho. To protect your hands while riding it is a good idea to wear gloves if you have any minor spill your hands will usually be the first to hit the ground. All other apparel is not specified to just cycling and you will need to decide what you need. In windier places you may need a jacket that is windproof. If you cycle in the extreme cold you will also need to dress accordingly. bike clothing

Utility cycling is what a large part of the community is moving towards and you should jump on board. It has health benefits as well as economical and ecological benefits. The start-up cost can be as much as you want if you wish to ride a bike that you have had for 14 years go ahead it will get you to your destinations just the same. If you like to look the coolest while going to work that may cost you a little extra, but it is your choice. Hope this start-up guide for utility cycling is just what you need to get yourself started in cycling.

Cheap Mountain Bikes That Get The Job Done Right

    Sometimes when you are just starting biking you need cheap mountain bikes to fulfill your desire to ride. This the case for Josh from my suggestion box page. He asked me to tell him a good “dual-sport” bike to buy for under $250. Since telling him which is a good bike is a subjective opinion I thought I would give Josh a list to choose from. You may notice that I will be naming off mountain bike reviews this is only because at this price level these mountain bikes are great on pavement but can still do some minor trail riding. Through all of this I want you to remember that sticker price is not final you can get the bikes cheaper if you want to make a deal. This list is in no particular order so just review all the specs and see which one you like. So lets review some cheap mountain bikes!

K2 Mountain Bikes

    K2 offers a really great line up of cheap bikes in many different styles. The best mountain bike I found from K2 that is under $300 is the K2 Zed 1.0This is a hard tail trail bike; this means that the bike only has shocks on the forks and not on the rear tire. I find that at this price range it is usually best to go for a hard tail just because if you get a full suspension you will get lesser shocks in front and back. If you just get a hard tail the shocks will be a better quality. The frame and fork of this bike is aluminum so nothing special there; you will find this same specification on most cheap mountain bikes. This model comes with pad brakes. The Zed 1.0 is a 21 speed and that should be all you need for a bike of this caliber. The price for this bike is $299.99.

Mongoose Mountain Bikes

    The best place to buy a cheap mongoose bike is at believe it or not Wal-Mart. You may laugh and scoff but Wal-Mart does a great job of bringing cheap mountain bikes into the world at an incredible price. I will show you the best mongoose bike that they carry, but depending on the Wal-Mart near you this may be different. This bike is the Mongoose Detention. The Detention is a 26 inch wheel full suspension bike. If you really like a soft ride when you bike a full suspensions bike is for you. Like I stated previously though the components won’t be as great but they may just reach your needs. This model comes with disc brakes which if you have only ridden pad brakes will be like a new experience for you. Finally you can stop on a dime. It is a 24 speed and comes with trigger shifters which are very nice on a bike. The frame is again made of aluminum. The only problem with Wal-Mart bikes is the fact that you can’t pick the size of your bike. If you are average size then you are set. This bike comes off the line at a price of $299.00.

Diamondback Bike

    Diamondback comes with a great lineup of cheap mountain bikes. The one the meets my specifications is the Diamondback OutlookThis is a really sleek and clean-looking bike. It again is a hard tail so more control and better front shocks. It comes with pad brakes and is a 21 speed. The frame is made of aluminum and this comes with Shimano shifters. This is an all around great bike and if I were to personally pick a bike I believe it would be this one. The price tag on this bad boy is $249.99

Those are just a few of the great cheap bikes out there. Don’t let people talk you into a bike that is way over what you need and costs too much. If you are just a casual rider why do you need a bike that can take a 40 foot drop. Don’t feel like you need to look better for someone else get the bike that fits you! Hope you enjoy your new bike whichever it may be.

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