Is Yoga The Cure-All?

    I just recently got my perception kind of turned upside down a couple of days back. I was listening to VeloReviews Podcast and a man named Al Painter was talking about how bad yoga can be for athletes. Now you may be like me and the only things I have heard about yoga are good things, and to hear him talk about it I was a little shocked.

At first I went into denial and was annoyed at this man, even though I don’t personally do yoga and I don’t know too much about it. Then I realized what was happening and I decided to listen to this man’s logic in a more objective way so I could really hear what is right and wrong. Then I went on to read other articles and do my own research. I still don’t feel like a master at this subject so I will just reference the articles that I read and you can draw your own conclusions.

Should Cyclists Do Yoga or Pilates? I Say Neither
The first article was of course from Al Painter from VeloReviews. This article is in particular for cycling athletes. He talks of the position you are sitting in on the saddle and at work.

Is Yoga Bad for the Knees?
    This is just an article showing another article from a doctor speaking about how these yoga masters are having these health problems such as knee problems.

Yoga This and Pilates That
    This is just more of an alternative to yoga and Pilates that will do all the things they promise. It is a pretty good article and answers a lot of questions I had on the subject.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it got you thinking. I really want you to think about the alternatives before you just right this off as a couple of guys raving about something they don’t like. Maybe even do a little research of your own. I found the best way to grow and learn is to keep an open mind even if it goes against everything you have ever learned. If you don’t agree hey that’s fine too. I just want to give you an alternative.