Top 7 Cycling Road Shoes

Is it time for you to get new cycling road shoes? Do you want the best of the best and at a reasonable price? If so, check out these choices I have compiled from the top seven brands of cycling shoes. I have compiled these with the best shoe of each brand. I then put them in order from worst to best, in my opinion. I have rated these shoes of the features they provide, the price, and the style. The one who ranks highest in all categories is the number one choice.

7. Giro Cycling Shoes

    The Rapha Grand Tour model is by far the best cycling road shoe Giro has to offer. It is made as the name suggest for the long tour. Here are a couple of the features you will receive with the Rapha Grand Tour.

  • Hand cut yak leather.
  • Giro’s SuperFit footbeds.
  • Carbon enhanced soles.
  • Weight: 255 grams.
  • Price: $450.

This is definitely a great shoe no doubt about it is cool and stylish, but the price is a bit of a doosie. I am going to have to rank this one lower just because of the that issue. The Rapha Grand Tour comes in at a healthy number 7.

6. Diadora Cycling Shoes

    The next great brand in cycling road shoes is Diadora. They are a well known European cycling shoe. The top road shoes they currently have is the Sprinter 2 model shown to the right. Here are a few of the features:

  • The sole is made of nylon reinforced with fiberglass
  • Comes with a stiff, breathable cage for your upper
  • Comes with velcro straps
  • Weight:85 grams.
  • Price: $99.99.

These shoes are definitely at the lower end of the spectrum for style, but they are also very inexpensive and a great model with some excellent features to offer. These shoes are very inexpensive but lack in both the features and the style. Diadora Sprinter 2 is coming in at rank number 6.

5. Sidi Cycling Shoes

Considered by some as the best cycling road shoes Sidi has quite a bit to offer in their Ergo 3 model.

  • Vented Carbon soles for rigidity, ventilation, and weight.
  • Adjustable heel security system to avoid any heel lift at all.
  • Techno II buckle to evenly distribute all the upper weight.
  • Weight: 300 grams.
  • Price: $499.99

This is a great shoe to go along with an overall great shoe brand. The features seem endless and very useful and this could very well be at the top but the price is very steep. I gave the final rank of 5 just because the price, but if price is not a problem for you this could be the pair to take you to the finish line first.

4. Carnac Cycling Shoes

   You want a new pair of quality cycling road shoes look no further because Carnac may have the shoes you are looking for. The latest and greatest addition to the Carmac shoe department is the Attraction model. This model combines comfort and efficiency without any compromise. Here are just a few of the features:

  • Uppers are made of an ultra light breathable fabric.
  • The double straps now come with a magnetic feature.
  • Getting the straps on and off are a breeze but will not detach without your intention.
  • Weight: 204 grams.
  • Price: 499.99

This is a really great choice for a shoe. While it may still be pretty expensive it has a very unique look and has great features, with a larger price tag. That is why this shoe has been put at number 4.

3. Specialized Cycling Shoes

     Specialized has a great shoe just middle of the way in these brands. The 74 Road Model comes with some great features and price that may please you.

  • Uppers made fully of genuine kangaroo leather.
  • Replaceable high strength braided steel laces.
  • Carbon sole for stiffness and lightweight.
  • Weight: 270 grams.
  • Price: $400.

These shoes were looking pretty promising until the price came up. While the straps are nice I think they are a bit unnecessary. They are a little heavier than the Shimano and Diadora shoes, but are still lighter than the Sidi shoes. I would rank them just above the Carnac Shoes at position number 3.

2. Shimano Cycling Shoes

    From Shimano I have chosen for the best cycling road shoe the SH-R191 model. Here are the features that this shoe offers.

  • Anti-slip heel lining knitted with metal fiber prevent heel lift.
  • Supple stretch resistant synthetic leathers and 3D moisture control mesh.
  • Oversized micro-adjust and dual off-set straps.
  • Reinforced insole for improved support, enhanced profile, and duel density for biomechanical support.
  • Weight: 270 grams
  • Price: $219.99.

While this may seem like and unassuming shoes is is among this list because the balance between price and features are startling. These shoes are ultra lightweight and have a very low cost. That is why I have decided to put the SH-R191 in the number 2 position.

1. DMT Cycling Shoes

DMT has some pretty great choices for cycling road shoes, but the pair I have chosen for this list is the Prisma. This model comes with features as follows:

  • Upper is microfiber with mess for a stiff and lightweight material that still breaths.
  • Laces can be tightened or loosened with the spin of a knob.
  • Carbon formed heel for best fit and no sliding up and down of the heel.
  • Thick tongue for comfort.
  • Weight: 255 grams.
  • Price: $244.99.

With looks like that and the price to match I would say that the DMT is taking this competition. With that said the winner of the best cycling road shoe for the best price goes to the DMT Prisma!