Giro D’Italia Crash

Unbelievable ending to today’s stage in the Giro D’Italia. Mark Cavendish got his front wheel taken out by a crazy move by Roberto Ferrari. Going down with Cavendish was the pink jersey wearing Taylor Phinney. Cavendish finished the race by walking across the finish line; he seems to be okay. On the flip side Phinney was rushed away in an ambulance for his ankle and didn’t cross the finish line. This means that now Phinney is out of the Giro altogether. This was a very poor ending to the stage taking out the overall leader and the fastest sprinter in the field. Made for an exciting race none the less.


3 responses to “Giro D’Italia Crash

  1. Ouch! Cringing everytime I watch. Reminds me of MN Ironman Bike Ride a couple years ago. A dually pickup was displeased he had to wait to pass. At the top of the hill he passed, and expressed his displeasure my roaring back to the right lane closer than necessary. The cyclist in front swerved thinking he was going to be hit (rightly so), and his bike went out from under him. The poor guy landed hard enough to break his hip.

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