Cycling In The Rain

This is yet another fulfillment of a suggestion from my Suggestion Box page I set up. I am loving that people are taking advantage of that page. If you would like a post about anything cycling just let me know! SexyFlexi asked me to make a post about cycling in the rain. I thought for a while on this one and after much deliberation I decided where to go with this post. Very few cyclist like to ride in the rain while some love it. The thing that all cyclist can agree on is how awesome and hardcore you look while cycling in the rain. It is like proving to mother nature that no matter what she throws your way you are going to ride anyways. So here is an album of some great cycling in the rain shots and cycling posters.

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2 responses to “Cycling In The Rain

  1. There’s something very freeing, liberating, to riding in the rain. You don’t care about getting wet and dirty. You don’t care what you look like. Your skin becomes very sensitive to the wind and rain and excitement is intensified.

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