Are You Geared For Cycling?

Hello all my readers however few you may be let me introduce my new blog to you. I have started this blog because of my love for cycling, and the community that surrounds it. In this blog I will be bringing you information about cycling, from helpful exercises all the way to cycling shoe reviews.

I want to be a help to the cycling community, by providing a resource in which they can rely on to give quality information. My hopes in starting this blog is to teach the community what I know and to learn from the community what I do not. I understand the more I can collaborate with like-minded people, the more likely I can create a quality blog.

The style of my writing is smooth and easy to read. I want to keep it that way so as not to confuse anyone and get the information stated as clearly as possible. I like visuals such as videos and pictures so a lot of that will be included in my blog. I will keep the overall length of my posts short. I know when I go to read blogs I don’t want to get into a thirty page report on this subject. In the end, I want to make a blog that I myself would love, portraying my own voice. In this way I can draw in like-minded people.


What Are Your Thoughts?

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